Odoo ERP Support & Maintenance

Odoo ERP Support and maintenance is an integral service provided by Nextmove. Our team comprising both functional consultants and technical support caters to all range of problems you ask for. We help you to identify different kinds of technical issues that you face in your company and guide them with proper solutions. Our experienced and technically qualified team provides numerous supports via customizing, documenting, bug fixing, guiding, and other allied supports. We provide numerous services to users in Odoo.

Odoo AMC Service

Odoo is one of the software solutions which will require the constant support of the Odoo service partners as well as the community as they are capable of rectifying your issues and providing you with rightful assistance at the needed times.

Today Odoo has service-providing partners all over the world and it's your choice to choose which partner for your Odoo-related services. The next move is one of the Odoo gold partners and is the best among them providing Odoo-related services for more than 15+ years

Odoo ERP Support FAQ 

What is Odoo AMC?

Odoo is an ERP software that will require the continuous support of its providers at needed times. Therefore, the maintenance contracts and support packages are vital. Most of the partners of Odoo will not be providing you with Odoo AMC contracts. However, Nextmove will offer Odoo AMC support upon demand from your side and will allocate a dedicated team to support you, fix your bugs, and redefine your Odoo to be more efficient in its functioning. Furthermore, we will resolve all the issues regarding the functioning of Odoo, answer all your queries on the software, and will be there to guide you to the excellence of your company with Odoo.

Why do you need Odoo ERP Support?

Enterprise and resource planning software such as Odoo is a business management solution that requires the constant support of the implementation partners or the service providers. This is because while using ERPs if you do not follow the best procedures defined the functioning may end up with an error. In addition, there are chances of unpredictable errors that cannot be rectified without the expertise of the service providers. Odoo ERP support is provided by Nextmove Technologies which are described as packages and can be availed based on your requirements. Currently, we offer 3 types of support packages which are described based on the incidences at which our support is required.

Why is Nextmove the Best in Odoo ERP Support?

Odoo support operations are provided by almost all the partners of Odoo available all across the world. However, Nextmove Technology, the leading Odoo gold partner stands out in providing Odoo Customer Support. This is because firstly, we have defined a variety of support packages for you to choose from. Moreover, their packages are described based on the support incidence that occurs in Odoo. Furthermore, we offer 24-hour support throughout the week through various online communication mediums. The packages also include bug-fixing services as per the requirements.

How does Nextmove offer Odoo support plans?

Nextmove offers a variety of Odoo Customer Support plans for you to choose from depending on your needs. Moreover, you can contact us with custom requirements on Odoo. We mainly have three types of Odoo support plans for you to choose from and are offered throughout the year long. Moreover, the plans are differentiated based on the number of incidences included in each plan. In addition, the prices on these plans are cost-effective and are lower than most of our competitors offering similar services. You can have a look at our Odoo support plans and contact us if there are any queries regarding them.

Where can we buy the Odoo Support package?

The Odoo support packages are provided by almost all Odoo service providers. Nextmove Technologies offers a variety of Odoo customer support packages for you to choose from. The packages can be availed from our Odoo ERP support page available on our website. Furthermore, if you need antsy information regarding it and confusion regarding choosing the right package for you you can always contest us and we will be there to assist you. These packages are defined based on our intervention requirements times and the functioning of the Odoo in your establishment.

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