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Data and consumer analytics to understand your market, its trends and the people behind them

Our Solutions

Grow market share, and brand salience and work on your brand identity as a company. Through our solutions you can understand the market from another point of view, grow closer to your customers and launch products that target a need.

Market Strategy

Identify where the market is heading and where your growth opportunities are. Through data mining you will be able to position your brand within its category and create strong brand salience and identity.

  • Market Understanding
  • Brand Positioning & Growth
  • Shopper Research

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Testing Innovation

To achieve a proper product or concept launch, the client needs to run though the product lifecycle. Testing your R&D work ensures maximum level of success, minimizes risks and can contribute to brand market share.

  • Product & Packaging Testing
  • Concept & Ad Testing
  • Branding Research

Test Your Products

Retail & Corporate

Understand your performance on a retail or corporate level to maintain and attain your customers and employees. Identifying key gaps that hinder growth will allow you to capitalize on your strengths and opportunities.

  • Consumer Retail Behavior &  Opportunities
  • Employee Behavior & Feedback
  • In-Brand Understanding

Design Your Research

Customer-User Experience

Test all of your touch points, identify gaps and create better customer-user experience. Through research, you can build strong and memorable customer experience and journey for your brand to be more relevant.

  • Web & App Experience
  • Customer Experience Journey
  • Retail Touchpoints

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Qualitative Field Work Methodologies

Focus Group Moderation

Focus Groups (FGs) consist of 6-8 respondents, in a session that is approximately 1.5-2 hours long. FGs are extremely helpful when you're looking to bounce off ideas with respondents in an open session. This allows for a more natural flow when sharing opinions on a certain topic.

Immersions & In-Home Visits

For a specific scope, visiting potential and current customers in their own homes will allow us to see for ourselves their behaviour and attitudes towards certain products and brands at home in their day to day lives. This allows us to get a detailed image of their lifestyle without the interference of external factors.

In-Depth Interviews

In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) are an hour-long, done in a private setting, where respondents feel more comfortable discussing topics that are sensitive and not suitable in a group setting. They are also ideal when interviewing people within the affluent segments or high-ranking officials.

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