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Driven by TRUST...

The Inception of NextMove

NextMove was incepted to make the best solutions in the world available to people and businesses in Qatar, and later in various other countries. 

NextMove was born not to custom do everything so it fits, but was incepted to: research what is available, learn & partnerup, to provide and solve, for businesses around the world. We do not like to reinvent the wheel, we know there are solution leaders in every aspect of whatever service in whatever industry, we just make it possible by bringing it to you and making sure that's the right move for you. We follow through and enable businesses to tap into leading solutions by partnering up with those leaders and ensuring its done right for our clients. 

Whatever solution that leads businesses to bettering their operation, we are part of it!

Customer Life time Value

We provide clients with their NextMove, we focus on a CUSTOMER-CENTRIC APPROACH in which it reinforces our understanding of our clients’ business, to ultimately offer beneficial IT solutions that will be of great value for future business growth.

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Founder's Message

Today I proudly present to you NextMove IT Solutions as a one-stop shop for all your business  IT needs. From Operations to Productivity tools and other IT infrastructural contracts, we simply can do it all. 

This is not just another IT solutions company, with NextMove on your side, your company will be more productive and optimized. You can count on us to tackle your toughest challenges and provide you with user-friendly solutions for you and your employees. 

With my team, I work with complete transparency and I like things neat and edgy, reflecting the same amongst my clients and potential customers. 

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the individuals who form the building blocks for NMITS family - our partners, employees, and our clients. Your ongoing support and enthusiasm are the basic ingredients in which our organization is known for, for that I am forever grateful.


Mohamad I. Bitar