ERP أودو أفضل نظام 

أفضل نظام ERP مفتوح المصدر، مع أكثر من 7 ملايين مستخدم حول العالم. أداة واحدة تناسب أي نوع من الأعمال.

What is the Odoo ERP System?

Odoo is one of the complete business management software that is available today capable of undergoing all company functioning with its designated modules of operations. Established in 2005 by Fabien Pinckaers the Odoo was initially called Tiny ERP and was the first software product from the establishment. The platform started to grow quickly and from Version 8 it was renamed Odoo. The software continued to embark on its business management as aspects making the developers release two editions of the platform from version 9 of the software. The community and the enterprise edition are different in certain operational capabilities. Today the Odoo has its latest version V16 which is considered one of the most advanced as well as the fastest Odoo ever released.

Today with more than 7 million users all across the world Odoo ERP is stretched to become one of the most used business management software, all tracks to the reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in operations. One of the key reasons for this growth is the open-source feature of the Odoo ERP making it useful for all. Odoo also provides 40560 plus add-on modules including both paid and free apps, which provide additional features to the existing one and thus grow your business a step forward in ease of operations.

What makes Odoo ERP stand out from its competitors?

Odoo is an open-source business management ERP that is considered one of the most advanced and reliable tools for business operations management. Here are certain aspects of the Odoo platform that make it stand out:

  • No vendor lock on the software
  • Proven ERP with more than 7 Million users
  • Wide range of business management features
  • 40,560+ supporting add-ons available from the Odoo app store
  • A dedicated Odoo community to support the platform for its users.

Why choose Odoo ERP?

The answer is why not? With a dedicated modular approach to business operations, the Odoo ERP has application-specific modules which are interconnected in operations to deliver reliable, efficient, and cost-effective business operations and management. Moreover, the Odoo ERP platform has a centralized approach to operations with one central inventory management system to run the retail, wholesale, and e-commerce operations of the company to run effectively. Additionally, one central database stores all the information of the company making the information exchange both in-house and outhouse of the establishment, and the communication can be performed effectively.

Enterprise Vs Community:

As mentioned above Odoo has two editions of the software which can be availed by you the community and the enterprise edition, both for business management of the institution, based on the levels, users, number of employees, and many more aspects. Here is a comparison video on the operational aspects of the Odoo enterprise and community edition.

How does Odoo compare to others
in the market?

 Odoo has a modern and intuitive user interface while NetSuite and Oracle may have more complex interfaces due to the vast number of features and functions. Microsoft Dynamics offers a user-friendly interface that can be customized to meet the needs of different users   

Odoo ERP modules

Every module in the Odoo ERP serves specific functions and they integrally work to achieve the business goal

Accounting in Odoo ERP

The accounting module of Odoo will act as the tool for complete financial aspects management in your company. Directly integrated with the invoicing, sales, purchase, and all other supporting modules of operation in Odoo the accounting module will provide provisions to describe taxes, payment methodologies, and options, define various payment acquires, manage the fiscal year settings, and many more aspects on the financial management of the company.

Invoicing in Odoo ERP

The invoicing module of the Odoo platform deals with the invoicing aspect of the sales operations conducted on the product and services. The module is directly integrated with accounting, sales, e-commerce, POS, field services, and all other supporting modules of operations. With the invoicing module you can manage the various invoice generation aspects, generate invoices, assign payment options, and many more customizable features as per the company's operational norms.

CRM in Odoo ERP 

Customer relationship management plays a vital role in the company's functioning therefore, Odoo has a designated module to perform it. With the CRM module, you could generate leads, enrich them, pursue them with various activities, manage them, and gain opportunities with the options available in the module. Furthermore, there are lead soaring options that can be integrated with the marketing operations of the companies.

Sales in Odoo ERP

The Odoo sale module will cover all the sales operations of the company from sending sales quotations, consisting of sale operations, describing the product to the customer, and many more. The module is in direct integration with the e-commerce and POS operations of the company and modules such as invoicing, accounting, inventory, and purchase aspects of the Odoo ERP.

Website in Odoo ERP

A company website can be one of the best platforms for business and showcasing the operations of the establishment. The Odoo website module is incorporated with an Odoo website builder and management aspects which will help to create a company website, design it, configure it to be operational, and manage the functioning from this module. The e-commerce aspects of Odoo functioning through the website module

E-commerce in Odoo ERP

Online business platforms have become one of the most key areas of business today. The Odoo e-commerce management aspect is described in the website module, providing provisions for you to describe the e-commerce platform, sell products through it, and manage the operations with various functional tools and operational options available.

POS in Odoo ERP

The Odoo Point of Sales module of the Odoo platform will provide you with a retail sales management tool that will function at the counter of the store with direct invoicing accessibility. Moreover, you can define a bar or a restaurant using this module to operate in a live environment and manage its functioning.

Project in Odoo ERP  

A company will have various projects in operations under its sleeves and be well defined using the Odoo project module which will act as a medium to create new ones and manage the existing projects. Moreover, with direct integration with the various operational management modules of the Odoo ERP, the project module will be an excellent project operational management application for the company.

Manufacturing in Odoo ERP  

The Odoo manufacturing module will provide you with a complete management tool for the manufacturing operations of the company. With features such as describing the subcontracting operations, work schedule management, defining work centers and controlling the operation of the work centers, and many more the Odoo ERP manufacturing module will be a reliable tool.

Inventory in Odoo ERP  

With the Odoo ERPs inventory management module all the operations on product movement regarding the purchase, sales, e-commerce, retail, and wholesale operations of the company can be well described and managed. Moreover, centralized management will add to the smooth operations of the inventory aspects of the company.

Purchase in Odoo ERP  

The purchase management operations of the company in Odoo ERP can be managed by the purchase module of the platform. A module with direct integration with the inventory and sales operations of the company in Odoo will provide you with various features such as automated reordering, setting up of lead time, landed cost, and many more which will be helpful in the real-time operations of a company.

Timesheets in Odoo ERP  

The timesheet module will help you define the employee operations based on the time spent on each task allocated. Moreover, this can be used to define the task completion aspect of each employee. Available from the latest version of the Odoo platform which is Odoo 14 the timesheet sheet module is now considered an inevitable aspect of a company's operations.

Email Marketing in Odoo ERP  

Email marketing tools in the Odoo ERP will help you to generate automated marketing emails that can be sent out for the lead generation aspect of the CRM. Moreover, these mainly can be denied as promotions as well as marketing to a large number of receivers and can be sent in groups.

Expenses in Odoo ERP  

The company's expense management operations for the employees can be configured and managed in Odoo ERP with the expense module of the platform. In this module, the employees can define the various expenses regarding the company operations and there are options to reimburse them directly or with the Payslip the amongst provided by the employee for various expenses on behalf of the company.

Events in Odoo ERP

Every company needs to conduct corporate as well as in-house events for the various aspects of celebrations or official meetings. The Odoo ERPs events management module will act as the apt management tool for the effective management of company events. Moreover, with the capability to generate online tickets and registration through the company website, the module will simplify various aspects of the events in a company.

Time Off in Odoo ERP  

Employee leaves in an enterprise will be trickier if not managed effectively. The Odoo ERP has a time off module that will act as the leave management tool for company operations. An option to request the leaves and interconnection with the approvals module will make the leave management operations of the employees run efficiently with the Odoo time off module.

Recruitment in Odoo ERP

Managing the recruitment operations of the companies can become a hectic task. However, with the Odoo recruitment module, you can manage the operations of both the online as well as offline recruitment operations of the company efficiently. With functional options to post jobs online and through various social media platforms, the Odoo ERP recruitment module will be a reliable tool in the hiring operations of the company.

Appraisal in Odoo ERP

The appraisal operations of the companies today will not be majorly functioning with a proper channel of operations. The Odoo ERP appraisal module will bring in a customizable format to the appraisal operations based on your company norms. Moreover, the employees have the option to request an appraisal from the managers with this module.

Subscriptions in Odoo ERP

The Odoo ERP has a subscription module that helps you with the sales operations of the subscription products of the company. Moreover, you can define a subscription product here and configure the various subscription operations based on your company, and can be sold online with the help of the company website or the e-commerce platform.

Sign in Odoo ERP

A module in Odoo ERP helps your company to move forward with the green initiative of going paperless and reducing the waste of paper s and use of hard copies. Moreover, you can set up a digitized signature which can be described in the digital documents presented on the platform.

Maintenance in Odoo ERP

With the Odoo maintenance module, you can configure both the preventive as well as predictive maintenance on the equipment and the machinery used in the company operations. Furthermore, with the capabilities of defining the maintenance period and type of maintenance, the module will be a beneficial tool in the company's operations.

Quality in Odoo ERP

Product and service quality management in a company will be one of the vital aspects of moving forward for a company. With this module, you can configure the various quality checks operations, define the contains, and set the pass and fail percentage on them as per the company requirements.

Studio in Odoo ERP

The studio module of the Odoo platform will be one of the customizable tools of the platform. With this module, you can create an application, modify an existing one, and configure it as per the company operations without disrupting the standardized functioning of the Odoo ERP.

Helpdesk in Odoo ERP  

With the Odoo ERPs helpdesk module, we can manage the customer support aspects of the helpline and toll-free numbers for the company. The employees can be allocated to the various customer calls based on the product, region, and mode of operation.

Product Lifecycle Management in Odoo ERP

The product life cycle management module of the Odoo ERP will provide efficacy in the communication of the company aspects between various departments in operations. Moreover, it will act as a medium for it rather than using other applications so that the company-based data will be secure.

Appointments in Odoo ERP

In this busy world, the need to schedule appointments will be very beneficial for a service-based establishment. With the Odoo appointments module, you can uptake online or offline appointments through the company website and manage them effectively with the employees in hand and the time duration of each.

Marketing Automation in Odoo ERP  

The marketing automation module in Odoo ERP is an automation tool for the marketing and promotional operations of the company. With direct interconnection with social media marketing, email marketing as well as SMS marketing aspects marketing automatization can describe campaigns that will run throughout a fixed period as defined.

Documents in Odoo ERP

The documents module of the Odoo ERP will be a reliable and additional tool in your company's strive toward going paperless. All the company documents such as invoices, sales orders, quotations, licenses, employee documents, and many more can be well stored in this document module and managed with ease.

Internet of Things in Odoo ERP  

Today IoT devices have started to run the automation and simplification in operations aspects of a company's functioning. The Odoo ERP will be directly integrated with the various IoT devices using the IoT module.

Approvals in Odoo ERP  

The approval management module of the Odoo ERP will provide your employees with a medium to request the approval aspects of the various in-house operations. These approvals can be granted by the managers. 

Consolidation in Odoo ERP  

The accounting module of Odoo will act as the tool for complete financial aspects management in your company. Directly integrated with the invoicing, sales, purchase, and all other supporting modules of operation in Odoo the accounting module will provide provisions to describe taxes, payment methodologies, and options, define various payment acquires,

Employee Referral in Odoo ERP

The employee referral module of Odoo ERP will help you refer your close ones to the various job positions that are open in your company. Moreover, the application request can be sent online through social media platforms or emails upon applying the employee who refers will attain karma points which can be exchanged for gift products in the store.

Field Service in Odoo ERP  

The operations of the field service aspects of the company can be well managed with the Odoo Field service module. Here, you can define the various field tasks to the employees, and charge the customers based on the timesheet and products used.

Planning in Odoo ERP  

The planning module of the Odoo ERP will be a beneficial tool in the company operations which will help you to plan the various activities based on the company operations. You can define projects, plan tasks and assign them to the various employees available in the company.

Rental in Odoo ERP

The rental module of the Odoo ERP can be useful in managing the production operations of the company. With features to take up an online booking, charging the customers based on the days and the usage along will efficient management of the product available, as well as the orders obtained, can be done via the module.

Social Marketing in Odoo ERP

In this era of social media platforms usable as business generational tools the vitality of social media marketing is inevitable. The Odoo ERP has a social marketing module that can be one of the beneficial tools in the management of the company's social media marketing operations.

eLearning in Odoo ERP  

Today the aspects of eLearning have modernized the education industry, with the e-learning module of Odoo ERP you can define various courses and add certification programs on various topics.

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