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We focus on Business Optimization Consultancy, providing clients with various products so they can make smarter decisions and know what they truly need to optimize their operations.

Defining ERP Requirements

Your have certain ways of doing business, some of them are unchangeable, while some of them could be tuned to adapt a best practice. In both cases it is a real challenge to choose the right ERP that meets your requirements. It is important to identify correct, high standard, and sustainable solutions that meet your business needs. Our ERP business analysts consultants will help identify the unchangeable requirements and advise you on the best practices. Only then you will receive a comprehensive ERP that suits your business.

Business Model Identification

This product provides customers with a clear understanding of the their ideas, and how to generate revenue. Our consultants help identify the key success pillars of your business, and what are the effective strategies to penetrate the market in the most cost effective manner.
Considering your audience and industry, our consultants will identify your strengths, weaknesses as well as the challenges that you may face, to finally come up with the best model that molds into your business idea.

Workflow Identification

Our business analysts will help you identify the core workflows based on your industry type, organizational structure, and size. Based on the workflow characteristics, and best practices, we will help you design and model processes to ensure higher productivity, efficiency, and reliability. We will also help identify the right inputs, outputs, enablers, and guides, to enhance your processes and ensure the integrity and high performance of your business, keeping you aligned with standards and industry best practices.

Business Best Practices

Great outcomes are generated by following the best practices of your industry. We help identify the best business practices based on your industry, business model, resources, regulations and the market. This will boost efficiency, increase strengths, eliminate internal weaknesses - transforming the business from struggling to streamlined. This transformation allows you to be more aligned with external regulations, requiring less documentations and unexpected certifications when penetrating a new market.

Research Strategy Design

The world is constantly changing and it's changing rapidly. Most of the time, these changes are unexpected and leave us unprepared. Designing a research strategy pulls together all market trends, changes and consumer habits. With research being one of the most effective methods to study the market and consumes, not any research is feasible. Our research experts ensure a proper methodology is put in place, implemented and executed using international frameworks; taking into consideration client business objectives and needs.

Consumer Sample Criteria

Without a doubt, all businesses have a target audience. Similar to businesses, when conducting a market research analysis, also a specific target market is put in place. Without a proper understanding of the country's geographic and demographic split, it becomes difficult to choose a sample criteria. With market experience, our research team advises the sample quota for all research projects, their target and split. This creates an even sample, unbiased and ensures all of the target audience is tackled.

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