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Manage. Measure. Monitor. 

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Professional consultants turning your business ideas into reality.

Our story

Locally born in Qatar and led by a team of different cultures, beliefs and faiths. With the same morals, goals and work-ethics, we work together to achieve greatness within our line of work. Providing simple tools and solutions, solving complex challenges and creating out-of-the-box opportunities for all of our clients. From software solutions, business consultations and market research strategies; we assure the best value proposition for your business. 

Our Success Formula

Leading our success is our value-added services

We provide off-the-shelf ERP solutions that are tested and tried worldwide. A product is as good as the people behind it. Our value-added services is the perfect formula resulting in successful implementations and building business strategies through research methodologies and solutions. We have a 100% success rate, in 12 countries, for over 99 projects.  

  • Gap Analysis & Proper Scoping -  90%

  • ERP Certified Consultants & Developers -  100%

  • Local Training & Support -  100%

  • Market Understanding in Multiple Industries  -  72%

Our Core Services

Full-fledged services covering all business aspects and operations. Whether you're a startup or a full enterprise, you need to strategize, align and build your core functions to work most efficiently and dynamically. Without a proper business workflow, consultant ,research and tools to help you run your organization, both the business and its assets can be compromised; leading to a low ROI. We bring the future of running businesses to the market, making it possible for them to be compared to international standards. 

Consultation Services

We focus on Business Optimization Consultancy, providing clients with various products so they can take smarter decisions and know what they truly need to optimize their operations.


Enterprise Resource Planning

 Focusing on the operational bottlenecks to enhance the entire business from the operational scope all the way to the core of the business, we provide 100% successful implementations, trainings, and support in most industries!


Market Research

A holistic set of research services & solutions that can drive business growth. Working on frameworks that ensure measuring brand performances & product experiences. From research design, fieldwork and data analysis. 


Chatbot Technology

Building an authentic conversational experience between bots and humans. AI proprietary technology stands out as the pioneer platform of its kind, providing intelligent Arabic bot built upon a state-of-the-art NPL engine.